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Whole, Half, & Quarter Shares

Buy in bulk and save with a whole, half, or quarter steer custom processed to your specifications. Sold by the live weight, you are purchasing beef "on the hoof" to be processed in your name and picked up by you directly at the butcher. 

Whole, half, or quarter shares are $2.25 lb. live weight, plus processing fees .

(If you are used to buying by the hanging weight, this is about equal to $3.75 lb. hanging wt.) 

Taking Orders Now for December 2019 Pickup

Download the file below for complete details and cut sheet. 

To order, mail your order form and deposit check per instructions in the form linked below, or pay your deposit by credit card below. Please note, the credit card option accepts deposits to secure your order with balance due at pickup based on actual live weight of your beef.

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